The amenities at the Club are intended primarily for the benefit of the members and their family.

 The member's guest or the members of the affiliated clubs will be permitted to use these facilities subject to such restrictions and conditions as may be prescribed from time to time.

 The monthly bill is sent on 1st of the following month at the members address available in the club’s records. If the bill is not received by them,member concerned should contact the club’s office for a duplicate bill. It is the member’s responsibility to ascertain the amount he is liable to pay to the club.

 If any discrepancy is found in the bill, the member should bring it to the notice of the concerned official in writing within 15th of the month in which the bill is served. Thereafter, it will be treated as correct and accepted and no dispute will be entertained with respect to the said bill. The discrepancy, if any, shall be corrected within three days and informed to the concerned member.

 The due date for payment of the bill is 21st of the same month in which it is served.

 It is the responsibility of the member to deposit his dues in the club’s office within due date. If the member wishes his dues to be collected, may make a request the club authorities, who may make arrangement on payment of charges, as may be fixed from time to time.

 A member not likely to remain at the station on due date may deposit his monthly dues in advance. The club shall accept advance up to one year.

  Members shall settle their dues by cash, local cheques or credit cards accepted by the club. A receipt is issued for every payment received by the club. If the cheque issued to the club of a member dishonors, all subsequent payments shall be accepted in cash only. Bank charges for dishonor of the cheque shall also be debited to the members account. Outstation cheques are not accepted.

 The monthly bill cannot be correlated with the supplies to the club by a member unless agreed and approved by the Hon. Secretary prior to the due date of the bill.

 If the bill remains unpaid on 1" of the following month in which it is presented, late fee or interest or any other fee for this purpose shall be charged at such rates prevailing from time to time.

 Default in Club's Dues :

 If the dues of a member remain unpaid on the 1st of the following month in which it is served, he shall be treated as "Defaulted in club's dues".

 If the bills remain unpaid for two calendar months, the name of member concerned shall be published on the Notice Board and credit facility shall be suspended until the dues are cleared.

 If the bill remains unpaid for four calendar months, his services shall be suspended.

 If the bill remains unpaid for five calendar months, his membership shall be suspended. In such case, the entry of the member shall be restricted inside the club.

 If the bill remains unpaid for six calendar months, his membership shall be terminated without any reference. The monthly subscription shall continue to be charged until the termination of the membership of the member.

 The monthly subscription shall continue to be charged until the termination of the membership of the member.

 The outstanding at the time of leaving the club, if any, for whatsoever reason, shall be settled in cash. The outstanding cannot be adjusted against entrance fee or any other fee or deposits except the security deposit or caution money. If the person leaving the club does not make payment, the amount shall be written off as bad debt by notifying on the club's notice board.

 The committee may fix & revise from time to time a credit limit to be availed of by the members of the club. The committee may form rules to enhance the limit of a member on application. The secretary may enhance the limit temporarily on such application, based on his personal assessment until the application of a member is approval by the committee.On achieving the limit, the member shall deposit an amount equivalent to 50% of his limit. If the amount is not deposited, the member will avail the services by paying in cash.