Mr. Prakash Ku Mohanty
Mr. Sarosh H. Bodhanwalla
Joint Secretary
Mr. Balkishan Modi
Member of Finance
Mr. Chinmay Kanti Biswal
Member of Entertainment
Mr. Sovan Das Mohapatra
Member of Food & Beverage
Mr. Arun Khandelwal
Member of Sports


01 Mr. AMIT KUMAR BEHERA July 1999 03.06.2001
02 Mr. HIMANSHU KU. DAS 01.07.2001 31.06.2001
03 Mr. KALYAN KU CHAND 01.04.2003 28.06.2005
04 Mr. HIMANSHU KU. DAS 28.06.2005 12.10.2006
05 Mr. ASHISH A. GUPTA 13.10.2006 21.09.2007
06 Er. R.K. JENA 22.09.2007 27.09.2008
07 Mr. R.C. SAMAL 28.09.2008 08.03.2010
08 Mr. P.K. KARAN 28.10.2010 27.10.2012
09 Mr. C.P. BHARTIA 28.10.2012 02.11.2014
10 Mr. KALYAN KU, CHAND 03.11.2014 18.12.2016
11 Mr. M.B.S. NAIR 19.12.2016 19.11.2018
12 DO-AS..... 20.11.2018 19.03.2019
13 Mr. MADANLAL SARAOGI 21.03.2019 20.03.2021
13 Mr. PRAKASH KU MOHANTY 21.03.2021
01 Mr. KALYAN KÚ, CHAND July 1999 03.06.2001
02 Mr. AMIT KU. BEHERA 01.07.2001 31.03.2003
03 Mr. KAMAL KISHORE RATHI 01.04.2003 04.05.2004
04 Mr. DHIRENDRA KHANDELWAL 05.05.2004 09.06.2005
05 Mr. KALYAN KU. CHAND 10.06.2005 26.10.2005
06 Er. S.D. BHANJA 27.10.2005 12.10.2006
07 Mr.C.P. BHARTIA 13.10.2006 27.09.2008
08 Mr. SAURAV BEHERA 28.09.2008 27.10.2010
09 Er. RAMESH KU. GUPTA 28.10.2010 27.10.2012
10 Er. RAMESH KU. GUPTA 28.10.2012 02.11.2014
11 Mr. AYAN KU. SEN 03.11.2014 18.12.2016
12 Er. RAMESH KU. GUPTA 19.12.2016 19.11.2018
13 Mr.P.K. NAYAK 21.03.2019 20.03.2021
13 Mr. SAROSH H. BODHANWALLA 21.03.2021


 Annual General Meeting is held every year within six months from the date of closure of financial year of the club.

  A notice of the meeting of at least 14 days is given to the members by the Hon. Secretary.

 The quorum of the meeting is at least 1/3rt of the total number of the members of the club. In absence of quorum, the meeting shall be ad journed twice for 30 minutes. Even if then, the quorum is not present, the President may decide to proceed with the meeting, at his discretion or adjourn to another date. If the quorum is not present on the rescheduled date, the meeting shall be conducted without the quorum.

 All members shall have to clear their defaulted dues before the start of the AGM to be able to cast their vote. Temporary members do not have voting rights.

 A minutes of the meeting shall be available in the office of the club, a copy of which can be made available to a member, if he so desires in writing.

 Special Meeting can be called by the Hon. Secretary, under the instruction of the President, if in his opinion; such a meeting is expedient under the circumstances.

 Atleast 10 members of the club, in good standing, by giving 25 days notice with purpose and agenda to the Hon. Secretary can request him to call a special general meeting.

 If any such request is received from the member, the Hon. Secretary shall scrutinize the purpose of the meeting and if in his opinion the same is as per the rule, he will call the special meeting.

 The special meeting shall discuss the agenda only for which it has been called. No other matter can be discussed in such special meeting.

 Rules for conducting Annual General Meeting shall be applicable for conducting a Special Meeting.

 The Executive Committee is elected for a period of two years.

 It is the responsibility of the outgoing Executive Committee to ensure the election of the new committee, who shall appoint a Returning Officer at least 30 days in advance from the date of Annual General Meeting in which the Executive Committee is to be elected.

 The Returning Officer shall be appointed amongst the member of the club in good standing who shall neither be the member of the Executive Committee nor seeking the election. No objection shall be entertained on the appointment of the Returning Officer.

 After his appointment, the Returning Officer shall take immediate steps to conduct the election. The suggested schedule for conducting the election is as follows:

 Issue notice inviting nominations: Immediately on appointment as Returning Officer

 Closing date of Nomination: 15 days after issue of Notice inviting nominations

 Taking back names by contestants: 3 days after closing of Nomination date

  Scrutinize the nomination papers: 1 day after closing date of taking back of names

 Declare Contestants for election: 1 day after scrutinizing the nomination papers

 The returning officer will submit his report to the Executive committee of his finding. If the nominations are equal to or less than the required numbers, he will declare all of them elected.In case of any vacancy, the outgoing Executive Committee would recommend nomination of any eligible member as a member of the new Executive Committee to be appointed by the President.

 If the election becomes necessary, he will conduct the election in the Annual General Meeting either by raising of hands or by secret ballot paper, as may be decided by him, considering the situation.

 After the election, he will submit his report to the President who shall declare the members elected for the Executive Committee.

 The decision of the Returning Officer shall be final and binding and can not be challenged.

 All permanent/ life members and the nominee of the corporate members in good standing can vote.

 A member seeking election :

 Should have been the member of the club for a minimum period of two years (for this purpose, year means 12 calendar months).

 Should not have been ¡n default of club’s dues at the time of filing the nomination.

 Should not have been punished for indiscipline, ever in the past, as per club’s rule.

 His membership has not been revoked/ terminated in the past for any reason whatsoever.

 Shall be proposed and seconded by the members of the club, who are also in good standing.

 The Executive Committee or “The Committee” of the Club consists of Nine Members.

 The Collector & Dist. Magistrate, Balasore and the Superintendent of Police, Balasore are the Ex- Officio President & Vice President respectively.

 Seven members are elected to the Committee by the Annual General Meeting for a tenure of two years.

 The elected members constitute the Executive Committee, who appoints the office bearers among themselves.

  Governance and policies formulation for the club are the main functions of the ExecutiveCommittee. The day to day affairs of the club are looked after by the Executive staff.

  Generally the Executive Committee should meet once in a month to review and formulate policies, approve the membership application and discuss other matters.

 At least five Executive Committee members shall form the quorum to conduct the meeting. In the absence of the President, the Vice President or in their absence one of the Executive Members present shall be elected to chair the meeting.

 If a vacancy arises during the tenure, the President, on the advice of the Executive Committee shall fill the vacancy for the remaining tenure of the Committee. Such member should have been the member of the club for at least two years.

 However, if the vacancy is for more than one executive committee member during the whole tenure of the executive committee, the same shall be filled by election within the time frame as prescribed for the election of the executive committee from the date of vacancy. However, further, the President may nominate any other member to the committee till the election of a new committee member.

 If an election becomes necessary, a special general meeting shall be convened for the purpose following the same rules & procedure, as applicable for the election of the new executive committee.

 The Executive Committee can co-opt additional members onto the committee, as they may feel necessary.