The year 1999 Established Recreation club in the Coastal District Of Balasore has been one of the Iconic and well functioned club's of Odisha.
Affiliated to State's prestigious Bhubaneswar club and many more in the country.The Balasore club has the potential to cater it's member with almost all major amenities and facilities inside its sprawling Premises.
The famous Land of Vyasa kabi "Shri Fakir Mohan Senapati" and the hub of MSME in Eastern India, Balasore has given us members and families who are associated with the Club for almost a two decades.
Our Vision and Desire to serve our Members with the same or better experiences during their stays as other leading clubs of India, is what makes us confident and promising as a Recreation Club.

We can surely be "Your Happy Home Away For Happier Leisure."

Join us



 The rights of entry into the club premises are reserved.The entry age of any Member should be 21 years or above. Only members, their guests and authorised persons shall be permitted to enter the club's premises.

 Membership of the club is open to Ladies and Gentlemen who are above the entry age. The total number of Life Members excluding other categories of Members shall at no time exceed one thousand. However the Committee shall have discretion to exceed this limit in the circumstances found necessary to do so.

  Indiscipline :

  A member found guilty of committing following acts of indiscipline, action against such member can be taken as per the club's rule;

 Uses in the club premises, improper language or indecorous behavior towards another member or member's family or guests or the employees of the club.

  Damages club's property deliberately or behaves in a manner not befitting a member of the club.

 Assaults or threatens to assault any employee of the club.

 If a member's guest commits any of the acts of misconduct, it will be construed as an act of in discipline committed by the member.

  Misconduct :

 If any member, does an act without any authority, which causes interruption in the functioning of the clubs affairs or interferes in the functioning of the club, shall be treated to have committed an act of misconduct. The gravity of the misconduct shall depend on its consequence, which shall be liable for summary punishment as provided hereunder.

  Violation of the "Code of Conduct For Member" shall be treated as misconduct. If a member commits misconduct, which is not described in the bye-laws, rules or in the code of conduct, the interpretation shall be made by the President or in his absence, the Hon. Secretary, on the basis of the general conventions and practices. The President or the Hon. Secretary may refer the matter to committee for a decision. The committee may formulate, elaborate, list and categorize the misconducts for easy interpretation.

  Code of Conduct for the Members :

  A member of the club shall follow the code of conduct of the club. The code of the conduct of the members is as follows. The code may be revised and updated from time to time by the Committee. A Member shall;

 follow the club's rule and abide by the same.

 sign the register at the time of entry in the club.

 disclose the names of their guests along with full address before their entry inside the clubs.

 carry his membership card inside the club and present as and when demanded by the club

 authorities, including officers.

 maintain discipline in the club.

 pay their club's dues in time.

 not harm/ damage the club's property.

 not interferer in the day to day affairs of the club without any authority,

 behave in a decent manner/ not show aggression towards the other members, their guests and employees of the club.

 avail the facility in their order of booking, if such facilities are occupied or reserved.

 dress up/ wear clothes decently acceptable to other members.

 (male members) shall not enter the place(s) at the time, when reserved exclusively for ladies, such as swimming pool, Gym, Spa, Parlor etc.

 make entry of his name & signature in the register at every place(s) of facility, if the rules so require.

 sign the bill or make payment after consumption of food & beverages or using the facilities, before leaving the club.

 inform change in his address and constitution or in his profile.

 be responsible for the conduct of their guests in the club.

 not gives employment to any employee of the club for himself or for his associates directly or indirectly while they are in employment of the club.

 not bribe the club's employee for unauthorized use of property, services or facilities of the club.

 ensure their guests also follow the code of conduct

 not carry fire arms (pistol etc. whether licensed or not) and display them inside the club premises.

 violation of code of conduct will attract disciplinary action as per club's rule including restriction of services and termination from the services.


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